Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kentucky Equality Federation protests Representative Fischer's comments, though he still stands by them.

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS - Statehouse Republican Joe Fischer is taking criticism for comments he made about gay rights and sexual orientation.

Fischer, a lawyer from Fort Thomas, said in an interview last week with The Community Recorder newspaper that it is "OK to fire someone if they're gay."

"I favor the current laws as they stand now," Fischer told the paper. "Sexual orientation shouldn't be a protected class. "Obviously, people can change their sexual orientation," he said. "Some psychologists have said so."

Fischer defended his comments during a Wednesday night campaign forum at Northern Kentucky University he participated in with his opponent, Democrat Linda Klembara of Fort Thomas.

"Under current federal and states civil rights laws it is OK," Fischer said during the half-hour forum. Sexual orientation is not a protected class. "It should not be in my opinion," he said. "The current law, I think it's fair because sexual orientation has not been a traditionally protected class like women, black, national origin and religion."

Klembara said her "faith runs deep" when asked to comment on Fischer's statements. "And my faith would never allow me to condone hatred or bigotry or discrimination toward any group of people," she said.

About 20 members of Kentucky Equality Federation, a gay rights group, protested Fischer's appearance at the forum. "As far as people being able to change their sexual orientation, it's something you are born with," said federation president Jordan Palmer. "He seems to think you can change it with the proper amount of psychology. So, my question to him is, could he change his to homosexual.

"It is unfortunate that we have people as our elected officials and representatives that aren't willing to represent all of us," Palmer said. "It is not fair, and it will never be fair, to terminate someone because of their sexual orientation."

- Kentucky Enquirer (10/26/2006)
- Kentucky Post (10/25/2006)
- Pam's House Blend (LGBT Political Blog)

Klembara said she didn't believe homosexuals could change their sexual orientation. "I don't ever remember consciously saying, 'I'm going to be a heterosexual,'" she said. "I think we're all born who we are."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kentucky Equality Federation condemns comments made by Rep. Fischer and plans a protest rally outside NKU prior to the debate with his opponent.


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Kentucky Equality Federation condemns comments made by Representative Fischer (R-Fort Thomas) and plans a protest rally outside Northern Kentucky University prior to the debate with his opponent, Linda Klembara (D-Fort Thomas).

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kentucky Equality Federation launches new OnLine Members Center.

Kentucky Equality Federation is pleased to announce the launching of its new OnLine Members Center, designed to give exclusive benefits and information to official Federation members.

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Jordan Palmer, Nancy Couch, Clarence Wallace, Brian Endicott, Nick Herweck, Jesse Alexander, and Paige D. Marks

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Legislation proposed to prohibit domestic partnerships at all Kentucky educational facilities.

Representative Stan Lee (R-Fayette) couldn't wait for the legislature to reconvene in January before filing his first anti-gay bill. Representative Lee's first attack against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community for the upcoming 2007 Legislative Session is to "prohibit public higher education institutions from providing health benefits for a domestic partner of a university or college employee."

>> Click here to sign the support petition to each University President, Governor Fletcher, and the Chair's of the Kentucky Republican and Democratic Party.

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES BR 102 - Representative Stan Lee - FILED: 10/16/06
AN ACT relating to health benefits provided by state universities and colleges. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 164 to define "domestic partner" as an unmarried adult person of the same sex or opposite sex who is not a blood relative and who lives with a university or college employee; prohibit public higher education institutions from providing health benefits for a domestic partner of a university or college employee.

Kentucky Equality Federation expected this as we outlined in our September 12, 2006 email entitled "2007 to be a horrible legislative year for Kentucky's LGBT population; buckle down for the fight."

"The 2007 Kentucky House and Senate Session (the only time during the year new laws can be passed, unless the Governor calls a special session) will be worse than 2006; possibly the worst Kentucky's LGBT population has ever faced. These people will not succeed in running me out of my home, I will be here, entrenched.

As January 2007 approaches however, prepare yourself mentally because it isn't going to be nice. I will fight to defend the Constitution of my Commonwealth with my last breath, which clearly states......all people are created equal." - Jordan Palmer, president, Kentucky Equality Federation

* Ultra-conservative Senators and Representatives in Kentucky are expected to attempt to pass foster parent and adoption bans for same-sex couples (such as the bans in the State of Florida).

* Ultra-conservative Senators and Representatives in Kentucky are expected to attempt to "rein in the
Kentucky Court of Justice" by limiting judicial review of legislative acts; ultra-conservatives want to limit the authority of Kentucky Courts in ruling something "unconstitutional."

* Ultra-conservative Senators and Representatives in Kentucky are expected to attempt to pass a law prohibiting the University of Louisville, the University of Kentucky, and Northern Kentucky University from extending domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples.

* Ultra-conservative Senators and Representatives in Kentucky are expected to attempt (again) to pass a law prohibiting political subdivisions of the commonwealth (counties and cities) from passing any laws related to civil rights, and repeal all laws currently in place. This would remove protection from discrimination in Kentucky's largest cities, including Louisville, Lexington, and Covington.

One of the items on our listed has already occurred, but Kentucky Equality Federation and its Chapters are more than ready.

Please take a moment to send your personal thanks to Administration at Northern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, and University of Louisville thanking them for having the courage and wisdom to pursue domestic partnership rights. University President's have a lot of leverage with the Governor as well as leadership of the Kentucky House and Senate.

>> Click here to sign the support petition to each University President, Governor Fletcher, and the Chair's of the Kentucky Republican and Democratic Party.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Join the Northern Kentucky Chapter of the Kentucky Equality Federation at an event held by NKU's Common Ground on "National Coming Out Day."

Join the Northern Kentucky Chapter of the Kentucky Equality Federation at an event held by Northern Kentucky University's Common Ground Gay-Straight Alliance on October 11, 2006 ("National Coming Out Day").

Chris Klucsarits (Kanyon), who ascended to elite superstar status in professional wrestling before retiring from World Wrestling Entertainment in 2004, and who earlier this year revealed to a live independent show audience in Greater Sadbury, Ontario, that he was homosexual, will give a public lecture at Northern Kentucky University on Wednesday, Oct. 11, from 3-4 p.m. in BEP Center Room 200 as part of NKU’s National Coming Out Day activities.

Kanyon’s visit, which is sponsored by NKU Common Ground, will include a speech, question/answer session and an autograph session.

Kentucky Equality Federation will be paying for Kanyon's accommodations during his visit to Northern Kentucky and will be providing Common Ground with $2,431.36 in products and
materials to increase awareness of their efforts to promote tolerance and diversity. For additional information about this event, visit Common Ground's official website by clicking here

Kentucky Equality Federation would continue to support its members and Gay-Straight Alliances across Kentucky. "Education and exposure to diversity in non-threatening environments promotes tolerance; it is critical this occur during high-school and college, when individual minds are significantly more open to social diversity." - Federation President Jordan Palmer on September 9, 2006.

Common Ground is the Gay/Straight Alliance at NKU. It exists primarily for the purpose of supporting and promoting the welfare of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students and their allies (GLBTA) at NKU. The group is currently working to establish the Safe Zone program, which is a resource referral service that trains faculty and staff about how to support GLBTA students who come to them for help.

NKU's Common Ground is on the list of organizations supported and advocated by the Kentucky Equality Federation.

Kentucky Equality Federation is the senior organization representing the International Lesbian and Gay Association in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The International Lesbian and Gay Association consists of more than 400 member organizations on every continent in more than 90 countries.