Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kentucky Equality Federation launches new OnLine Members Center.

Kentucky Equality Federation is pleased to announce the launching of its new OnLine Members Center, designed to give exclusive benefits and information to official Federation members.

What can I do in the new OnLine Members Center?
- You decide what emails you will receive from the Federation
- View candidates currently running for election
- View candidates officially endorsed by the Federation
- View information on current office holders
- Private Members Forum
- Private Action Alerts
- Exclusive Feeds to "Commonwealth News" related to issues within our
Mission Statement
- View current issues the Federation is addressing
- Sign-up for Federation events
- Sign-up to receive reminders for special programs and events
- Email Action Alerts and Current Issues to your friends to sign and get involved!

Why was a new system necessary?
The number of members we have exceeded our ability to manage with the system we had in place.
Kentucky Equality Federation membership has grown at an extraordinary rate, faster than we would could keep up with; our new system is automated for a capacity of up to one hundred thousand (100,000) members (we are not likely to ever achieve this number of members). The information you provide in our new OnLine Members Center isn't reviewed by anyone and is completely confidential, in addition, you have the ability to update your membership on your own (such as email address, areas of interests, change of address, etc.).

Does this mean I will have to complete a new membership application?
Unfortunately yes. That is the only frustrating thing about our new system. Once you've completed your
new enrollment however, you won't be sorry! A great deal of time, money, and effort was involved in creating the new OnLine Members Center for you, our members. There is no one more important to the Board of Directors than official members like you, after all, every single member owns part of Kentucky Equality Federation and our success depends on your involvement!

Is Membership still open to anyone?
Absolutely! You do not have to live in Kentucky to become an official member. Approximately 8% of our members reside outside Kentucky, but still consider Kentucky "home" and want to remain involved in current events. Membership is still open and available to individuals, corporations, organizations (incorporated and un-incorporated), and groups.

Is membership still FREE?

How was this new system paid for?
Our new system was funded by your continued support and purchases from our OnLine Store. Every time you purchase something from our OnLine Store, a portion of the proceeds pay for Federation expenses.

SHORTCUTS: There are two special shortcuts that will take you directly to the new OnLine Members Center, other than going though our main site,, or; the shortcuts are:

  1., and

We hope you enjoy your new OnLine Members Center!


Jordan Palmer, Nancy Couch, Clarence Wallace, Brian Endicott, Nick Herweck, Jesse Alexander, and Paige D. Marks


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