Friday, December 01, 2006

Kentucky Equality Appoints a Vice President and an Awareness Representative for Louisville, KY.

Kentucky Equality Federation is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Brian Endicott as Federation Vice President.

Mr. Endicott was Chapter President of the Federation's Southeastern Kentucky Region until his official appointment as vice president of the organization on November 27, 2006.

In his new role, Endicott will assist in the supervision of legislative affairs as well as new volunteer and awareness development.

Some of the text of Endicott's official officer job descrition include:
The Federation Vice President coordinates and maintains information on current events and trends within the realm of our Mission Statement with the Awareness Manager, Awareness Representatives, and related staff ("Awareness Staff"). Maintains regular contact with Awareness Staff and presents recommendations to the Federation President and the Advisory Council.

The Federation Vice President coordinates implementation and execution of Federation policies and practices related to strategies, campaigns, and work plans. Provides leadership for problem resolution in this area.

Works closely with, and assists the Alliance Manager and Awareness Staff to develop and implement strategies, campaigns, work plans, reports, coalitions, and organizational growth.

Coordinates efficient and timely dissemination of special materials to build goodwill and community relations. Helps ensure consistency and credibility in all communications with targeted audiences and Federation Members.

In addition to Endicott, Kentucky Equality Federation now has an Awareness Representative for Louisville, KY.

Ms. Brandi Walker assumed her new role on November 27, 2006 as well.

Kentucky Equality Federation is currently talking to several different people about the open position for Southeastern Kentucky. No decision will be made however until January 02, 2007 on who the new Chapter Leader will be.



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