Sunday, July 22, 2007

Washington leaves Kentucky behind with new Domestic Partner laws.

New laws go into effect in the State of Washington on Monday:

  • The right to visit a partner who's in the hospital.
  • The ability to make important medical decisions for that person if necessary.
  • Registered couples can now inherit property from a partner who dies without a will and administer their estate.
  • Domestic Partners will now have the ability to sue for the wrongful death of their loved one.
Did you realize you don't have these rights if you're in a same-sex relationship in the Commonwealth of Kentucky?

Get involved today and help us change Kentucky!

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Anonymous said...

It’s progress in the right direction. However, I’d like to see it cover social security benefits and joint income tax filings. But, maybe Washington has the right idea? Baby-steps, rather than an all-or-nothing approach (where we either win, or lose everything)?

Anonymous said...

How sad that is all I have to say but I did sign-up.

the real truth said...

This is fucked up you see the gay and lesbians here in Kentucky just do not care. They are more worried about getting drunk and screwed rather than "equal, not special rights." It will always be this way here until other gays come into Kentucky and take over. Glad you all are here fighting for us but you are wasting your time with the Kentucky queers.

Angela Hatton said...

Hey not all ppl in KY are like the last post, that isn't all me and my partner is worried about, I want for everything in this world to be married to her, or to know that when I die she can have my things, and make decisions about me if I was not able to, I trust her more than any one in this world, so ur KY post is wrong at least there is us... any ways

ppl need to just let live let love, and live as one world I know it's a dream, but that don't mean I am gunna stop

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