Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family group plans Capital rally....even though lawmakers won't be there!

The American Family Association sent massive mailers to people across Kentucky this month asking them to "stop the special tax-supported medical benefits for the live-in boyfriends of homosexual teachers at University of Louisville." This illustrates the groups hate of homosexuals since LGBT people are expected to account for less 1% of those who enroll in the domestic-partner program.

The American Family Association needs to get a new agenda because this one is failing. A
UCLA study released in February 2007 found that 61% of incoming freshmen last year agreed that same-sex couples should have the right to marriage, up 3.3 percentage points from 2005. America's opinion is changing! Perhaps this is what really scares the American Family Association, as well as the Family Foundation of Kentucky.

Governor Fletcher had asked lawmakers to consider a ban on domestic-partner benefits at state universities and other agencies during the July special session, but said he will honor the wishes of House Democrats and won't put the issue on the agenda of another special session.

The American Family Association of Kentucky has sent mailers in recent days touting a "rally to protect marriage" on the Capitol steps at 2 p.m. Monday, even though no one will be there!

A search of the Kentucky Secretary of State's database indicates they received permission from the Kentucky Department of State to do business in Kentucky on May 08, 2001 and are based in Mississippi. The group was incorporated in the State of Mississippi as a non-profit on July 21, 1977.

Check-out their website, it says they are "Upholding Kentucky's Christian Values." So.......I guess we are "Upholding Kentucky's Homosexual Values," how do think that would look as our 'catch phrase' on our website?


Anonymous said...

I will be in Frankfort tomorrow and if they are there I will take a picture of the empty Capital with them in it for a good laugh.

trent said...

so i guess this group has been around for a long time but we are just now hearing something about them? I think they are doing this JUST to make the news. lol. To bad the legislature will not be there. as usual keep up the good work me that is what you represent, "Upholding Kentucky's Homosexual Values" and that is no joke.

Ted said...

LMAO... Freekin brill!!! It's supposed to be hot tomorrow, hope they've got plenty of suncsreen. God knows I would hate for them to be in ANY discomfort. On second thought, how bout a lemonade stand? Any takers????

Anonymous said...

Upholding Kentucky's Homosexual Values, i love it!

rocky said...

I think is is sad that every man or women in this country can not Marry who they want. I can't see where it is hurting Christians or anyone if to men or two women get Married. keep up the Good work Kentucky Equality Federation .

We all must stand together for our Rights no matter who we are gay or straight.

rocky said...

yes I am gay and I am damn proud of it too......

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