Wednesday, August 22, 2007

FBI to spy on gay groups instead of the Pentagon

This news story states the Pentagon (headquarters of the United States Department of Defense) is closing an anti-terror database that was found to be spying on gay and anti-war groups, but in reality it is simply being transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the United Stated Department of Justice. (Click here to read about the Sunshine Project....another brilliant example of how the Pentagon spends our tax dollars)

I guess the United States Government continues to believe gay rights groups are a threat to national security. But this doesn't add up.....the Bush Administration has identified Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. as the breeding ground for terrorists (all Muslim countries). What does this have to do with gay groups? Muslim countries executive and/or stone homosexuals to death.

The Pentagon said Tuesday that it will shut down an anti-terror database that was found to be spying on gay and anti-war groups.

A Pentagon spokesperson said that the database will be closed on September 17 but that much of the information it contained will be sent to the FBI where it will be placed on a database known as Guardian.

The Threat and Local Observation Notices surveillance program, known as TALON, was launched in 2003 track and monitor domestic terror threats.

But it came under intense scrutiny after news reports revealed officials were collecting data on demonstrators and protestors, including those within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Pentagon spokesperson Army Col. Gary Keck denied that pressure from the groups had anything to do with the decision to move the material. Keck said the Pentagon database is being shut down because "the analytical value had declined."


Anonymous said...

not to worry we will have a new governor and a new president very soon. smile and keep your head up.

Anonymous said...




Pre-9/11 Missteps By FBI Detailed:
Report Tells of "Missed Chances" To Find Hijackers

"Previous investigations have found that Moussaoui's laptop computer and other belongings were not searched in the weeks after his arrest in Minneapolis because the FBI mistakenly believed it did not have enough evidence to obtain a warrant.

In the case of Alhazmi and Almihdhar, the report said the FBI missed at least five opportunities to possibly locate the pair after Almihdhar was first identified in connection with a Malaysian meeting of al Qaeda operatives.
Even after the FBI learned that the pair had reentered the United States in August 2001, "the FBI did not pursue this as an urgent matter or assign many resources to it," the report found, noting that "it was given to a single, inexperienced agent without any particular priority.""

Anonymous said...

I do not believe the FBI mistakenly missed searching that computer. They don't respect anyone's rights and never have. They were ordered to let it go.
The gay issue got me thinking. The army has dismissed 53 gay arab interpreters. They also pulled the Arab speakers out of Afghanistan and replaced them with some European language people. Am I the only one that finds this suspicious? Seems like they don't want us to know what the middle eastern people are saying. How the hell can 53 Arab interpretors happen to be gay?

Anonymous said...

I will smile and keep my head up, but I will not put any faith in a new president or governer to fix things when the last one failed us so bad. I put my faith in the people, they are the ones who have the power to change anything. For instance, raising awareness about this issue will rally more people to speak and act against what the gov. is doing.

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