Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fletcher reappoints Regents that support domestic-partner benefits.

Governor Fletcher's policy flip-flops are legendary, and this article in yesterday's Herald-Leader about his reappointments to the Board of Regents takes the cake:

Governor Ernie Fletcher filled three spots on the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville boards of trustees Wednesday with people whose stances run the gamut on the controversial topic of providing domestic-partner benefits to college employees.

Three of those named — two from UK and one from U of L — are reappointments
of trustees first given those plum assignments by Fletcher’s Democratic predecessor, Governor Paul Patton.

The governor reappointed Louisville civic activist Owsley Brown Frazier, the retired vice chairman of the board of Brown-Foreman Corp.
Frazier was among the 14 U of L trustees who backed a proposal to provide health benefits to the unmarried partners of university employees, which would allow gay couples to be covered.

Fletcher recently has urged lawmakers to pass legislation that would block agencies that receive state funds, such as universities, from offering such benefits and included that issue among 67 items on his agenda for a special legislative session. That was a change from the governor’s stance this spring, in which he said such decisions about benefits should be left up to the universities.

Fletcher now has appointed a total of 10 to UK, including extending the terms of May and Miles, and has chosen 12 of U of L’s trustees, which includes Frazier’s reappointment.

This is yet another example of how Governor Fletcher doesn't have any core values of his own, his moves are a pure calculation of how he can stay in office, by reaching out to the conservative right wing and asking the Kentucky House and Senate to pass legislation to ban domestic-partner benefits.

If Governor Fletcher doesn't want the universitys to decide the issues on their own (as they are supposed to), why did he reappoint members back to the Board of Regents that voted in favor of domestic partner benefits?


ryan said...

Nice gun oll Ernie has there. Bet her would shoot all the domestic partners between the eyes if he could. He appointed them again because he has absolutely no clue what he is doing!

Anonymous said...

A lot of these fools also donated money...What does it take to become a college board member in Kentucky... why, of course, give money to the doomed incumbent republican governor in his hopeless quest to get re-elected.

Anonymous said...

We now need to step up and show the world how many of us exist and let them hear our concerns. It is easier for the world to accept Hollywood gayness in even the most conservative places. It is another for them to see reality and everyday people. We as everyday people need to take on the responsibility of education there in Frankfort and pull together to teach others about our lives lest we whine ourselves into an awful helplessness. Now is the time. People are listening. We need to speak out.

trent said...

You are right he is only doing this for political reasons an i am going to laughg my ass off when he doesn't win....

rita said...

OMFG what is Fletcher doing with that gun? If you are gay you better run FAST!

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