Thursday, November 15, 2007

London Editorial: When I meet my Maker

I couldn't resist posting an editorial from a newspaper in London sent to me by Dean Byrd, a member of Kentucky Equality Federation's Advisory Council:

I think that just about says it all (condemn what you don't understand or can't tolerate).

FYI to the author: I am a gay Christian, and when I meet my "maker" I will also smile, knowing I was made in his image.....I lived truthfully and never turned my back on anyone in need; I didn't judge people, and I fought my entire life for the liberties and freedoms of the persecuted.


Anonymous said...

Ya, I'm still smiling!

Anonymous said...

This is NOT the RedGrass State. It's the Bluegrass State! Get the hell outta here!

Anonymous said...

-As a repersentive for the towns of Plainfield IL, AND Shell, WY; i will stand by the Kentucky equality federation 100%.

Just as a plan of action; i have a sure fire idea to make our voices heard. Washington DC, in front of the white house, no permits, no liscenes, we just march to the gates of the white house it self, and demand equal rights for ourselves.

Im tired of standing by and watching the Intolerant, and ignorant bully the students of my school, becuase they are Homosexual, or Bisexual. And in some cases, nazi symbols are drawn on locker doors, and bathroom stalls.

As a result of all the bullying, we (includeing myself), do drastic things becuase we think it "takes the edge off" or "makes the pain go away". (this includes everything from Tobacco to Meth).
Racists, Sexist, Oppressors, and Offenders will not learn the evil's of their ways, until the day we make our move! I will NOT stand by and watch others, (even myself), be pushed to the edge just becuase they are different!

I stick with the Plan and Idea, that all Equallity Alliances march without permit, straight onto the nations capitol! IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE ITSELF, and stand up. stand up, for our human rights.

+++No more Excuses, No more Hate, and Never Discriminate. +++

Tommy said...

Sick ugly minds are common to small towns.

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