Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Attorney General Stumbo to seek his old seat in the House

Attorney General Greg Stumbo will seek his old seat in the state House, he said on WHAS radio (Louisville) this morning.

Freshman Rep. Brandon Spencer, D-Prestonsburg, decided to resign after "prayerful consideration," he said in a letter to Governor Beshear.

Stumbo spoke to Floyd County election officials and told them he would accept the Democratic Party's nomination for a special election to fill Spencer's spot in the 95th House District.

Stumbo spent 24 years in the Kentucky House, 19 in leadership before being elected Attorney General.

At a minimum, Stumbo being back in the Kentucky House will irritate Representative Stan Lee. Stumbo ruled the way Lee wanted on the domestic-partner issue at Kentucky universities, but Stumbo included “a blue print on how to offer domestic partner benefits legally” in his ruling.

Stumbo had been considering a possible run for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell. He had said he would likely challenge McConnell if polling done by an exploratory committee showed him within 10 percentage points of McConnell (see
Ditch Mitch KY to stay updated on McConnell).


James said...

I'm all for anything that will irritate that homophobe, Stan Lee --- and his nasty out-of-date moustache, which seems to have a separate life of his own.

Wish we could get more gay supportive politicians running for the Kentucky Senate --- and against homophobic Democrats like Ancel Smith, Richard Henderson and Rick Nelson.

Anonymous said...

The nondescript mainstream media coverage of the public employee benefits disaster belies the wide-eyed panic shared by both parties in both legislative chambers and the Governor's office. Bankruptcy for the state within a decade is possible in any event and a dead-level certainty without quick action.

The lack of effective financial management in Kentucky's Medicaid program points out a possible solution to the $28 billion pension catastrophe-in-waiting. As an Auditor's report recently explained, we have no idea how well we are managing our health care program for the disabled and indigent.

The financial systems management for our entire state education program is much worse. To avert bankruptcy, we are going to need to find hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Once the legislature gets past the sacred cow status of the educatiion bureaucracy, the will see the obvious need to start with a comprehensive audit of the Kentucky Department of Education.

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