Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Equality. Fairness. Nothing more, nothing less!

Why do we need you to stand with us on February 12th? Look at what we are fighting! This comments are from your elected officials!

It's OK to fire someone if they're gay. Historically, homosexuals haven't suffered. - Representative Joseph Fischer (October 2006)

Homosexuality is aberrant behavior. - Senate President David Williams (January 2008)

The University of the Cumberlands stands for what is positive [by expelling a gay student]. - Senate President David Williams (August 2006)

I don't want to entice any of those people [queers] into our state. Those are the wrong kind of people.Senator Dick Roeding (July 2006)

The Log Cabin Republican Club of Kentucky, a gay GOP group, "are nothing but a bunch of queers." - Senator Dick Roeding (July 2006)

I wouldn't think that there would be a lot of support in the General Assembly for giving benefits to people that were involved in same-sex relationships. Doing so would be bad public policy. - Senate President David Williams (July 2006)

I am committed to protecting traditional marriage. I proudly supported the Same-Sex Marriage Amendment proposal in Kentucky in 2004 and was pleased to see it pass with 74% of the vote. - U.S. Representative Geoff Davis [part of Kentucky’s Congressional delegation] (July 2006)

We need your support as the opposition has the voices and numbers that we fail to get to the Capitol. The sad truth is the opposition is the minority, but have been able to drum up enough voice in the capitol to seem like the majority. Lets make a difference this year; start doing!

here to sign-up now, or visit kefaction.org! Join us! Show your support by standing united with Kentucky Equality Federation and Bluegrass Fairness of Central Kentucky! Your presence will make a real difference in the fight for equality and fairness for LGBT Kentuckians!


Charlotte said...

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