Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gay man beaten to death - UPDATE

Received this email about updating us about Ricky Williams. You may recall the post "West Virginia gay man being beaten to death ignored by mainstream media."

Like Kentucky, West Virginia was once part of conservative Virginia, but split from them during the middle of the civil war in 1863. The Ricky Williams attack occurred more than 100 miles from
Welch, WV (remember in 2006 the police chief blocked paramedics from performing CPR on a gay man because he falsely assumed the man was HIV positive and therefore a health risk).

here for a list of gay hate crimes in Kentucky.

Anyway, below is the email we received about this:

You were the only organization to report the Ricky Williams murder in Milton, WV. Of 3 suspects, only 2, the male, Danny Vaughn, was picked up. People are now reporting that they have seen Vaughn in town with one of the females present at the scene of the beating. Vaughn's name is no longer on the jail website. Rumor has it that he was released due to lack of evidence. If that is the case, one can get away with murder in Milton.

A few residents have been trying to seek justice in this horrific "hate" crime. Calls have gone unanswered at the prosecutor's office. Milton city officials have remained mum. Ricky Williams deserves more than this! Can you help? Can you direct us to someone who can?

We are trying to keep the issue alive on a site graciously provided by Stephanie Heck ( Maybe some of your members can help us by posting. The readership averages over 1,300 views per day. We know some city, county and state ppl are reading it. We just can't let Ricky's brutal death be forgotten. Thanks for any help you can offer.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is an update regarding the murder of Ricky Williams.After spending the past months on home confinement, Danny Vaughn plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Cabell Co. Judge Dan O'Hanlon sentenced Vaughn to 12 mo. in prison for the death of Ricky Williams.

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