Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama and McCain on California's Gay Marriages

Log Cabin Republicans issued the following statement today about presidential hopeful Sen. McCain:

Late last week, the group pushing California’s anti-marriage constitutional amendment released an email from a McCain staffer saying the Senator backed the amendment. We now have confirmation that this represents the Senator’s view. “Unfortunately, his position on this amendment hurts gay and lesbian families,” said Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon. “We obviously disagree with Senator McCain and do not believe he should have interjected himself into this state issue.”

“Supporting this amendment is inconsistent with Sen. McCain’s belief in federalism,” said Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon. “Backing California’s ban sends the wrong signal to the independents who will decide this election because it creates the impression that he’s pandering to social conservative leaders.”

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama announced his opposition to the California November ballot.

Obama is skating gingerly past his previous position on the issue. The Illinois senator said repeatedly that he believes marriage should only be between man and a woman. When the California Supreme Court overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage in May, Obama released a carefully nuanced statement saying he respected the court's decision, believed states should make their own decisions on marriage and "will continue to fight for civil unions as President."

But civil unions, gay activists have often argued, aren't the same as marriage, which would put Obama on the wrong side of what's increasingly seen as a civil rights issue.

Although California's proposed constitutional amendment affects only Californians, the battle is extending far beyond the state's borders.

More importantly, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says the effort to ban same-sex marriage "a waste of time." He said he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman but does not think that view should be forced on anyone else.


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