Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kentucky Court of Appeals rejects adoption by lesbian couple

In a shocking ruling, the Kentucky Court of Appeals struck down another court ruling allowing a woman to co-parent her same-sex partner’s child.

The ruling also made clear: No more cases involving co-parenting by same-sex couples.

“It is not this or any court’s role to judge whether the legislature’s prohibition of same-sex marriage … is morally defensible or socially enlightened,” the appeals court said in a written ruling.

The statement from the court is shocking since the judicial branch of government has oversight of legislative acts. Since the founding of our nation minority groups have turned to the courts for equal treatment.

Hopefully, this ruling will be challenged (to the Kentucky Supreme Court). But, a study published in 2007 by the Supreme Court of California found that of all state supreme courts in the United States, the decisions of the Kentucky Supreme Court were the least followed by other states' appellate courts.


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