Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kentucky protests successful; Family Foundation tries to place us back in "check"

According to the Courier-Journal, Martin Cothran with the Family Foundation of Kentucky says gay-rights groups have “achieved many of their victories by going behind the backs of voters using judicial rulings rather than the legislative process. And when they suffer defeat in a democratic process, they get upset about it.” (story)

I guess I was sleeping when we changed our system of government from three (yes, that is
3 Martin) equal branches to only 2, or possibly 1; either way, if you believe any of the rhetoric from the Family Foundation of Kentucky under this scenario, the Judiciary Branch would be history. The REALLY scary thing is, some legislators in Kentucky proposed a law a couple of years ago to downgrade the authority of the Judiciary.

Family Foundations and Associations are useless! (story)

Congratulations to protesters in Lexington and Louisville; you made a huge impact! Gay rights are civil rights; each time you purchase something (non-food) in Kentucky, you are paying a 6% sales tax to the Commonwealth..... taxation without equality!

Wake-up Martin, marriage equality is not only coming to California, but Kentucky also; check-out


Anonymous said...

lol Martin is a closet case.

Anonymous said...

"FAMILY?" they need to change their name to ANTI-GAY FOUNDATION OF KENTUCKY.

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