Monday, November 03, 2008

Kentucky's LGBT PAC's Candidate Information

Please remember to vote for pro-LGBT candidates! Both Kentucky Equality PAC (Kentucky Equality Federation), and FAIR PAC (Kentucky Fairness Alliance) have candidates listed who have been pro (or anti) LGBT.

Please visit them at the following: (contains information on both the House and Senate)

Kentucky House:

Kentucky Senate:

Overall, it doesn't look like a lot of candidates returned questionnaires from either Kentucky Equality PAC or FAIR PAC. Kentucky Equality suspects a lot of them did not want to actually go on the record; candidates who did not return questionnaires from Kentucky Equality PAC are not listed; we can no longer allow people running for office as public servants to remain in the dark on issues important to us!

Contested races are critical; we need more pro-LGBT candidates in the Kentucky Senate, and we need to pick-up additional pro-LGBT candidates in the House of Representatives.

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