Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get to know us first; but for some, the message was late

Since the California setback, has made several public announcements to air in California; but these video's do not only apply to California, but rather, our entire republic.

Marriage Equality USA's Robin Tyler and her wife, Diane Olson appear on the videos. Both Tyler and Olson are members of Marriage Equality USA's Advisory Board.

Tyler, a longtime LGBTI activist was one of the original complainants to the California Supreme Court that resulted in the same-sex marriage ban being struck down, only to have voters reinstate it the very same year!

These video's are very touching, but they should have been aired by the official No on 8 Campaign; these video's show LGBTI people in everyday situations and shows some details of their family lives. In the final month of California's Prop 8, the official committee, omitted commercials that featured LGBTI people......huge mistake!

It doesn't matter what the official No on 8 Campaign people say their 'experts' told them about not showing LGBTI couples in the final month before the election when defeat seemed all but certain because of the enormous leaps the "no same-sex marriage" campaign had made. This begs the question, what is an expert, and who knows your community, or them?

Though the federal government cannot force a definition of marriage on the states, these ads seem to focus on the federal government, especially since they will be airing in urban and rural markets on broadcast and cable channels during the Presidential Inauguration week in January 2009.

Their message is simple, and very appropriate:

  1. Marriage promotes families.
  2. Support marriage equality
  3. Get to know us first.


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