Thursday, January 29, 2009

Powerful anti-gay groups goes on high alert

Liberty Counsel, one of the most powerful anti-gay (anti-equality) groups in the nation slips in this email sent today to its members, admitting, for the first time that LGBTI people are entitled to FULL AND INCLUSIVE RIGHTS (see below):

Did you catch that? Isn't it great to see an anti-equality group at 'red alert' rather than equality groups?

Liberty Counsel goes as far as to call the Office of U.S. President and the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives an 'axis of power.' I'm sure they had to restrain themselves to keep from using the former U.S. President's phrase 'axis of evil.'

From their email and their need to gather 50,000 signatures as quickly as possible, in addition to asking for donations, I'd say Liberty Counsel isn't just at 'red alert,' but close to declaring 'battle stations' as all of the suppressive policies they have enjoyed for the past 8 years begin to unravel.

As allies instead of opponents, the U.S. President and the U.S. Speaker of the House can be a huge powerhouse; left us not forget the U.S. Vice President is the ex-officio (you get one office automatically by being elected to another) President of the U.S. Senate. An axis of power indeed Mr. Staver.

Here it is again:

  1. Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act...
  2. Granting full rights (including adoption) to not only lesbians and homosexuals but bisexuals and transsexuals...
  3. Giving special workplace protection based on sexual orientation and even the wide-open category of "gender identity" that will stifle Christian businesses, religious organizations... and possibly even your church! (not true; the U.S. and state constitutions protect religious addition, they didn't forget to twist the president's words on this point as they did in # 2)
  4. Making the military an open forum for homosexuals... (this is not what the president said; they twisted his words to suit their needs)
Instead of making a donation to a suppressive, and anti-LGBTI group, make one to a statewide organization such as Kentucky Equality Federation; with the federal government on the right track, it is even more critical that we continue to push for pull protection and equality here in the Commonwealth.


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