Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mormons and marriage?

Just received a very strange email:

If you want to get the Mormons to help you and/or leave you alone.... you need to think about what the United Stated did to them. They were not allowed to have Plural marriage like Father Abraham did have. This country brags about religious freedom... but won't give it. Help them get what they want,... they might get off your backs. Think about it.... or give it a try... Pass it on...

Plural marriage huh?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

500 Signatures and Growing

Kentucky Equality Federation has collected over 500 signatures to oppose Senate Bill 68! This is in addition to the signatures Kentucky Fairness Alliance has collected!

Please continue to sign the action alert to oppose Senate Bill 68. Our children are not political pawns!

This is not only a gay adoption ban, but it would also prevent unmarried heterosexual couples from serving as foster parent or adopting children if they are not in a '
marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky."

The bill reads: "Create a new section of KRS Chapter 199 to prohibit the approval of foster care, relative caregiver services, or adoption of a child by an applicant who is cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky; create the short title "The Child Welfare Adoption Act"; exempt children placed for adoption prior to the effective date of this Act; amend KRS 199.470 to conform."

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kentucky Senator files gay adoption ban in the Kentucky Senate

The party created as an opposition to the expansion of slavery, as well as a new, progressive vision of modernizing the United States — emphasizing higher education, banking, railroads, industry and cities continues to slide backwards as Kentucky Senator Gary Tapp (R) files a gay (LGBTI) adoption ban in the Kentucky Senate; Senate Bill 68.

> Click here to sign the petition to stop this immoral act!

Senator Tapp may have forgotten the 2008 General Election, which was an enormous victory for Democrats on a national level (both in terms of Governors, State Houses, and state Congressional delegations).

During a time when the Republican Party is on its knees (they could not match the donations of Democrats nationally during the 2008 Election), this adoption ban is another smack down to the Republican Party, and it is shameful.

The Log Cabin Republicans issued this press release after the 2008 Election defeats:

Inevitably, social conservatives will try to push the GOP further right on the divisive wedge issues that caused our Party to lose focus on its core principles in the first place. Their intrusive big government ideology drove our Party over the cliff. Going further right on social issues will turn the GOP into a regional party only competitive in the South and Midwest. Instead, we must become a more diverse Party appealing to conservatives, libertarians, and moderate voters.

To the Log Cabin Republicans, good luck; you have a tough road ahead of you in Kentucky (we all do). Honestly, how sad that a party has gotten so far off track!

Never mind the fact that Florida just struck down their gay adoption ban as being unconstitutional; though currently under appeal, Judge Lederman stated, "The court found that moral preference against homosexuality has no bearing on whether gay or lesbian individuals can adopt because many homosexual individuals serve as foster parents in Florida to abused children and permitting them to adopt those children (in particular) does not serve any state interest whatsoever."

Various professional organizations have carefully studied the scientific research and issued policy statements supporting adoption by gay and lesbian people. These organizations include: American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Psychoanalytic Association, National Council of Adoptable Children, Child Welfare League of America, National Association of Social Workers, and others.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no credible scientific evidence that the sexual orientation of parents has any effect either on the quality of parenting or on the wellbeing of their children.

The best interest of the child should be the only consideration when selecting good homes for these children.

Gay and lesbian people currently raise children in Kentucky as biological parents, foster parents, legal guardians and increasingly as part of planned families through alternative insemination and surrogate parenting.

Senator Tapp filed this as an 'unmarried couples' adoption ban (which passed in Arkansas), it is being challenged in the courts and I have no doubt they shall prevail. Again, the best interest of the child should be the only consideration when selecting good homes for these children.

Click here to sign the petition to stop this immoral act!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thank Pepsi - Another AFA Victim

FW: Email

Jake, at, posted a blog yesterday about Pepsi and the AFA: (if you have not watched this video, you should).

Apparently this is the national AFA policy (I did not realize this at the time).

I sent Pepsi an email, they responded with this:

Thank you for contacting us at PepsiCo and for sharing your thoughts.

As a company, we made a commitment to promote and support diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business. We’re proud of the success we’ve had in attracting some of the best and the brightest from around the world and in building a workforce that is truly reflective of the consumers we serve.

At PepsiCo, diversity and inclusion are among the values we have adopted for ourselves in the workplace because we see them as important to our viability and success—as individual employees and as a company. And we believe strongly that these values will enhance other businesses and work environments as well.

Again, thank you for your interest in our company.

My friend Michael at has an action alert about it, and I urge all of you to let your readers know how to contact Pepsi and sign this petition:

Come on…! AFA and their boycotts are legendary, from Ford to Disney, they never seem to stop! We need to push back!