Thursday, March 05, 2009

Senate Bill 68 - Unmarried, Anti-Gay Adoption Ban Passed Senate Committee

Senate Bill 68 - We all knew it would pass the Senate Committee if it came to a vote. We also know it can pass the Senate without any problem. It passed unanimously in Committee today, with only the Family Foundation of Kentucky testifying in support of it; no one was present to oppose it. Why? Apparently this was a secret meeting, or one called at the last minute from the way I understand it.

The truth is that even if representatives from Kentucky Equality Federation or any other LGBTI organization had been present, we likely would not have been allowed to speak. I've been at the Capitol before when management of Kentucky Fairness Alliance wanted to testify about some anti-gay legislation and the Senate Committee would not hear
any of us.

If it makes it to the House of Representatives, I'm sure it will be assigned to the House Standing Committee on Health and Welfare, which is chaired by Representative Tom Burch (D), a wonderful elected official from Louisville.

In addition, the Kentucky Legislature adjourns in less than 6 business days (next Friday). That is not enough time for it to do anything in the House.

Again, we knew this could happen, and that if the Senate wanted to pass the measure, they could easily; getting it through the House is another matter! Please also keep in mind the Governor retains veto power.

I'm sure the people at the Family Foundation of Kentucky will sleep well tonight knowing they tried to keep children out of loving homes; both from since straight people, and loving gay couples.


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that the Bill won't pass. Why deny us the right to adopt a child that needs love. There are so many children in the US alone that need to be adopted. Many of them being older children that straight couples don't want. They want a brand-new-baby, because they don't have problems. I know a gay couple who adopted two teenagers, which have severe behavioral problems. The foster families kept sending them back to Social Services. Now, they are thriving teenagers, without behavioral problems. They just wanted someone to understand them and love them for them. They both make straight A's and one is graduating with honors. Now, they want to deny us our rights to adopt because they are scared that we can be better parents than some of them. If I was them I would be deeply ashamed of themselves denying a child that was given up the right to be loved and have happiness. I guess that isn't enough for them. They want children depressed and lonely. What ashame.

Anonymous said...

The Family Foundation are sick in the head

Anonymous said...


I have been reading today about SB68. That bill is crazy, and I really feel compelled to share the guy's blog I was reading because he seems to make a lot of sense. I think some people don't really know what the bill means for the gay community, but for the state of Kentucky as well. Anyway, the guy's blog is at He has several blog entries about the bill, but he also has a story about his sexuality too. That was really cool to read because the guy says he isn't gay, but for sure is doing some stuff to explain why the bill is bogus.


Dan Harringstone
Louisville, Ky

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