Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Hampshire Senate leaves the transgender community behind

This is really horrible; though lawmakers are ready to tolerate some social advancement, acceptance and protection of our transgender family isn't one of them!

"Had this happened in Kentucky, Kentucky Equality Federation would have condemned the legislation; you either protect all of us or none of us.....UNITED WE STAND!" - Nikki McIntosh, Kentucky Equality Federation Transgender Outreach Director

NOTE: Kentucky Equality Federation’s Managing Director, Laura Reed, and President Jordan Palmer stand behind the statement of Ms. McIntosh, our Transgender Outreach Director.

New Hampshire Senate approves medical marijuana, gay marriage - Major votes by the New Hampshire state Senate on Wednesday:

GAY MARRIAGE: Passed, returned to the House, which rejected a similar, but less comprehensive proposal this year. Governor has said marriage is a word that should be reserved for the union of a man and a woman, but has not said if he will veto the bill. The bill recognizes a distinction between civil and religious marriages, allowing religious denominations to decide whether they will conduct religious marriages for gay or lesbian couples. Civil marriages would be available to heterosexual and same-sex couples under the law.

MEDICINAL MARIJUANA: Passed, returned to House with minor changes. Governor has concerns about abuses and enforcement difficulties, but has not said he would veto the bill. Doctors would have to certify patients have debilitating ailments, would benefit from marijuana and that other medications don't work.

Only patients in constant pain, having seizures or severe, persistent muscle spasms or having severe nausea or vomiting and who aren't helped by legal medications for at least three months would qualify.

TRANSGENDER RIGHTS: Rejected, unanimously. The bill would have protected transgender individuals under the state's anti-discrimination law. Democrats joined the vote to kill the plan, but complained about how ugly earlier debate had been. Republicans had called it the ''bathroom bill,'' arguing it would have opened all bathrooms to men and women, potentially endangering children in women's rooms. Supporters said the bill would protect vulnerable people who identify with the gender opposite of their birth.


michael said...

i agree 100%

Anonymous said...

How can you agree with this? Leaving behind transgendered people on the basis that it puts children at risk is crazy. First of all transgendered people are'nt sexual predators, and giving them the right to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with should be only natural. I cant stand it when people use kids as a crutch to justify injustices. As it stands pedo's can grab kids from bathrooms right now, they just have to grab them in the bathroom of thier gender. I am very happy for the gay community that benefited from this, but this was hardly something anyone who supports the lgbt community should be 100% happy about.

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