Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Discrimination in Kentucky


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What in God's name is wrong with Senator Rand Paul? Has he considered the idea that his views on opposing LGBTQ rights is ANTI-Liberty? Should the REAL Tea Party sue him for slander for besmearching the efforts of all Libertarian and Old Conservative (e.g. Barry Goldwater) people to INCREASE liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility?

I see that little of Dr. Ron Paul's Texas libertarianism has rubbed off on his son, Rand. His failure to recognize that Benjamin Franklin took daily nude baths as a matter of health and principle, that Alexander Hamilton was gay, and that America already has too much Government, too many laws, and too many busybodies is astonishing.

But wait - pandering is as old as the Hills of Kentucky. Selling out is nothing more than Virtue sold for a Greenback. What's next? Rand Paul opposing the Federal Reserve just because in times of national "emergency" it MAY be useful to inflate the currency? What's next? Rand Paul supporting continued American Empire overseas that is draining our national resources? Embracing the TSA because "security is important", or some other twaddle like that?

Kentuckians: please -- I beg of you. Rand Paul is not a REAL Tea Partier. He's a fake, a fraud, a NEO-CON selling out to the Romney Republicans to gain some temporary "influence." Lets find some people who recognize what LIMITED government means (i.e. keeping it out of the affairs of men and women, i.e. staying OUT of marriage debates). Lets find some people who TRUST Kentuckians to run their own lives as they see fit, to be intelligent enough to know that diversity (of genes) improves the breed, and that EVERY fascist starts out with good intentions.

When will the lions lie down the lambs, eh?

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