Monday, July 06, 2009

University of the Cumberlands to receive $1.2 million in federal funds?

Apparently the University of the Cumberlands is receiving $1.2 million in federal funds. (more)

One funding request to the University of the Cumberlands is pending review by the Kentucky Supreme Court. Former Governor Fletcher (R) requested that Kentucky courts decide the legality of nearly $11 million dollars in state funding. Each ruling against the University receiving the funds has been appealed, leaving the Kentucky Supreme Court with the final word on the issue.

Kentucky Equality Federation worked with Kentucky Fairness Alliance in issuing action alerts which resulted in over 500 people opposing the funding to the Office of the Governor (all within a 24 hour time period). Christina Gilgor, former executive director of Kentucky Fairness Alliance filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth to stop the funding the following day.

Last week the University of the Cumberlands rejected assistance from the Broadway Baptist Church because of their stance on homosexuality. (story)


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