Friday, July 31, 2009

Wisconsin Domestic partner registry starts Monday; Referendum 71 update for Wasington

On Monday, County Clerks across the State of Wisconsin will begin issuing "Applications for Declaration of Domestic Partnerships." Couples will also have to file with the state Register of Deeds.

In order to qualify for the registry people must be 18 years of age of older and of the same sex. They must be living together for at least 30 Days. Couples applying must also provide a certified copy of their birth certificate, a photo identification and their social security number. They must also pay an application fee, which varies by county.

While the registry is set to go into effect, some say it is unconsti
tutional (naturally....I doubt anyone is surprised by this).

Wisconsin Family Action has asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to invalidate the registry, saying it violates the state constitution's ban on gay marriage and civil unions passed in 2006. The court has not said whether it will take the case.

Registering means same-sex couples will receive 43 benefits under state law -- including the right to hospital visits, end of life decisions, and not having to testify against his or her partner in civil court.

This however, provides some benefits and is a start for LGBTI people in Wisconsin! Continue to help us fight here in Kentucky and sign Kentucky Equality Federation and Marriage Equality Kentucky's Marriage Declaration:

Washington's Referendum 71

Social conservatives who organized the Referendum 71 challenge to domestic-partnership rights for same-sex couples turned in fewer signatures than initially thought.

The Office of the Secretary of State for the State of Washington said the actual number is 137,689, about 800 fewer than the 138,500 estimated at Saturday’s turn-in of signatures by the Protect Marriage Washington campaign, which is led by Christian faith groups.

The signature total is 14 percent more than the 120,577 valid signatures needed for the issue to qualify for the Nov. 3 ballot.

Signature checking begins today and could take several days.


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