Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Equality California: 2012 before Prop 8 is repealed; others disagree

When Marc Solomon, the former executive director of Equality Massachusetts, and now the 'marriage director' of Equality California speaks, it is generally a good idea to listen closely to his advice.

Solomon was the head of Equality Massachusetts when the commonwealth legalized same-sex marriage, and later defeated a constitutional amendment to ban it again.

Solomon told California gay-rights organizations on a conference call yesterday that "Big donors are not ready to fund a new fight so soon after failure, and a door-to-door campaign will take time."

But smaller groups such as Courage Campaign, and Love Honor Cherish have said waiting will sap momentum among gays and their allies still smarting from the unexpected ballot results and have vowed to mount a 2010 challenge.

The biggest supporters for a 2010 push appear to be Courage Campaign, and the even smaller Love Honor Cherish group. California's Marriage Equality USA remains on the fence.

"We're in a movement era. The day after the California ban passed -- and after President Barack Obama was elected -- was a wake-up call for gay advocates. On the one hand they put an African American man in the White House when it was impossible. On the other hand they had their rights taken away. - Rick Jacobs, chair, Courage Campaign

Another defeat in 2010 could be disastrous and derail a 2012 repeal.


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