Saturday, September 05, 2009

What does the new Senate mean for the Commonwealth's LGBTI population? Anything? Is it an indication of future?

With members of the Democratic Party gaining strength in the Kentucky Senate, what does this mean for Kentucky's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and interex population?

One must wonder if Senate President David L. Williams is feeling the squeeze despite what he recently said to the Courier-Journal: “
It won't make any difference.”

This is the new makeup of the Kentucky Senate:

Since the end of the previous Legislative Session, Republicans have lost two (2) seats to Democrats. The Kentucky Senate how has 20 Republicans, 17 Democrats, and 1 Independent.

Though Senate President David Williams is entitled to his views, they are outdated; could this be the reason for the political changes in the Senate? Are Kentuckians finally ready to pass a School Bullying Bill, or an Equality Bill so LGBTI people cannot be fired simply for being gay?

  • Let us not forget that President Williams defended the University of the Cumberlands in expelling Jason Johnson, for being gay.
  • Let us not forget that Senate President Williams has often sided with the Family Foundation of Kentucky, an anti-gay group; both have tried to stop Kentucky universities from offering domestic-partner benefits to same-sex couples (and failed). (more)
  • Let us not forget that President Williams has always opposed the 'school bullying bill.' Senate President Williams and Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer had a heated exchange in interviews with the Herald-Leader and WLKY (Louisville/Southern Indiana station) after Williams called the bill 'an excuse for the addition of curriculum dealing with aberrant behavior,' with Palmer accusing Williams of being homophobic and afraid of tolerance and other viewpoints. The aim of the bill has always been to give educators the tools they need to address bullying problems with gay students. (more)
What does the new makeup of the Senate mean for the Commonwealth's LGBTI population? Anything? Is it an indication of future election results in Kentucky?


Melissa said...

I hope the we jet the homophobes like Williams OUT as President of the Senate!

Anonymous said...

Republicans and Democrats are both fucking jokes. I mean Governor Beshear has done something for us, but our new federal President hasn't done a damn thing. This makes me want to join the Libertarian Party of Kentucky!

Tina said...

Nothing will change the Dems. are cowards these days.

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