Friday, October 16, 2009

Online site refuses gay/lesbian screenplays.

An online site, "Write Like the Pros" lists homosexual screenplays as something they will not accept, and likens it to pornography, and "darkly sinister evil."

The site sells CD's, DVD's, and offers writing tips in addition to them reading your screenplay. They assist in character development, narration, and dialogue.

According to their site:

Submissions should follow normal script structure, using Microsoft Word (no Word Perfect) formatted in Palatino, Times, or Georgia text, black print, sentence case. Work must be e-mailed with the full name, address, and e-mail address of the author. SEND TO

However, they also list the following:

We will not accept, read, or report on any writing that involves pornographic material,
lesbian-homosexual relationships, darkly sinsiter evil, horror, illicit sexual, or vulgar language manuscripts. If there is any question in your mind about your manuscript fitting into one of these categories, please do not send it to us. (source)

Wow. Our relationships are placed in the same category as pornography, darkly sinister evil (they misspelled the word sinister on their site), horror, illicit sexual, and so on.

Constitutionally, they may refuse anything they want, but this is ridiculous. They have closed themselves to a major market and shown their own homophobia.

We received this tip from a straight ally, who stated:

I am not reporting a personal discrimination. I am not actually gay myself - I have a wife. But I am a screenwriter. And I came across a group on the internet (you can view this webpage at: who will not have anything to do with screenplays containing gay relationships if you read the very bottom of this webpage). They seem to give a lot do's and don't in terms of the rules of writing screenplays, but to include that they won't accept screenplays containing gay relationships is absolutely unacceptable in my opinion.

Thanks for the tip, and more importantly, thank you for being open minded and supporting LGBT people!


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