Saturday, February 17, 2007

KEF a finalist to win $10,000.00 from MySpace!

Kentucky Equality Federation is a finalist on's 2007 Social Justice Impact Award.

The Federation received the following email from Liba Wenig Rubenstein, Public Affairs Coordinator for on February 09, 2007:
"For your important work to preserve and defend the rights of LGBT Kentuckians and promote equality for all, and for your dynamic and effective use of the MySpace platform to engage users in your cause, MySpace is pleased to announce that you have been named a Finalist for this month’s MySpace Impact Awards, in the category of Social Justice.

In the upcoming weeks, MySpace users will select a winner from among our three nominees. We’re thrilled to be able to award the winner a cash prize of $10,000, as well as featured placement on MySpace for a month, reaching over 54 million active members.

Within the MySpace Impact Award Community, members will be able to read about your mission and accomplishments, learn how they can get involved, and read, in your own words, why it is important to do the sort of work you do.

"Rubenstein also said:
"It is clear from the depth and interactive nature of your MySpace presence that this is something into which you’ve invested an enormous amount of time and energy."

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer responded by saying:
"We must utilize all resources available to reach our targeted audiences. As the largest social networking website on the internet, Kentucky Equality Federation has utilized from the very beginning. Today's youth in particular are more likely to become involved with causes by networking with them on; most of them don't utilize independent websites. Every officer, manager, awareness representative, and volunteer Kentucky Equality Federation has initially contacted us by utilizing our MySpace profile page.

Whether the Federation wins the February 2007 Social Justice Impact Award or not, simply being nominated has indeed been an honor; our work has been recognized by the largest!

We must fight for equality for everyone regardless of who they are, everyone should have the same civil rights and privileges. Just over fifty years ago it was illegal in most states for interracial couples to marry; vigilance in our fight for equality is the price we must pay over and over again.

We must fight the bigotry anti-gay groups and some homophobic elected officials practice; they want nothing more than to dehumanize a large group of people, deny their humanity, happiness, health, civil, and God given rights. If this isn't challenged by everyone, we are giving our government the green light to victimize other minority groups."

You may vote for Kentucky Equality Federation online by visiting

Kentucky Equality Federation has pledged to use the money to fund gay-straight alliances across Kentucky should the Federation win.


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