Monday, July 02, 2007

Love in Action (homosexual to heterosexual).

From: Brandi Walker, Awareness Representative, Kentucky Equality Federation

Tenessee based religious Christian organization Love in Action has received national attention for it's efforts in tying to turn gay youth to "straight youth."

This organization makes claims that homosexual behavior is immoral and links it to therapy treatment alongside pornography and promiscuity. Parents of gay youth, especially conservative Christians, are inclined to believe their child is mentally ill and is in need of mental and religious counseling, because they are not walking the path their "God" has chosen for them. The false hope parents grasp to in programs like those managed by Love in Action, are not only unethical, but can cause extreme psychological abuse to an individual, which can contribute to emotional and mental stress in a child. These stressors and detrimental therapy can lead a child to thinking something about he/she is wrong, immoral, out of the ordinary, and/or evil.

For children to be programmed by both their parents, religious leaders, and counselors in a setting like Love in Action's 5 acres of seclusion, can cause a child to have an emotional and mental break down. A child who instead of being accepted for who he/she is, is taught discrimination, denial of one's feelings, and identity rejection. These factors are all labeled "therapy" and the children are fed religious and social standards of "morals" of acceptance, through techniques such as "group think", shame, peer pressure, religious pressure, and guilt. Programs like Love in Action MUST be stopped. These children can grow up doubting and suppressing their emotions and ideas of themselves in matters of opinion, interests, and beliefs, because Love in Action has taught them to reject their inner feelings of truth and identity.

Please, contact corporate supporters of Love in Action and let them know you will not purchase their products/services of their company because of their support of this program.

The Wingate Hotel ( offers discounts to travels who mention "Love in Action." This is ridiculous, irresponsible, and morally unjustifiable.

Tell them of your disapproval at the following link:

- Daniel Newell


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