Monday, July 30, 2007

KKK with church clothes on......Family Foundation of Kentucky

Someone posted a comment on Kentucky Progress stating "The Family Foundation is nothing but the KKK with church cloths on. The Kentucky Citizen publication they peddle is out right hate speech." We could not agree more!

"The KKK with church clothes on" will be holding a rally in Frankfort today attempting to stop Kentucky families from having health insurance coverage.


Anonymous said...

these people are nothing but stupid! this is now being reported by the courier-journal:

Lawmakers returning to Frankfort to reconvene the General Assembly today will be greeted by a rally to seek a law banning health insurance benefits for domestic partners of public university employees.

The rally is scheduled for 2 p.m. today in the Capitol rotunda, two hours before the legislature meets.

The Lexington-based Family Foundation called the rally because it wants lawmakers to pass a bill that would block state government institutions - particularly the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky -- from offering health benefits to domestic partners.

On June 1, Attorney General Greg Stumbo issued an opinion that says the existing policies of U of L and UK violated the constitution. But the opinion said the schools could offer partner benefits if they eased requirements to let other persons living with employees receive the benefits.

Since then UK has changed its policy to conform with this opinion.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher put the issue on the agenda of the special session that began July 5 and is expected to end today.

No bills made it through the House and Senate because the House adjourned on the first day.

Last week, Fletcher and House and Senate leaders agreed to start a new session Aug. 13 to pass a bill that would extend incentives to Peabody Energy, which is considering building a massive plant in Western Kentucky that would convert coal to synthetic natural gas.

Fletcher said he is leaving open his options to put other issues on the agenda when lawmakers return next month.

But he said he intends to add only measures which House and Senate leaders agree by the time the session begins.

Anonymous said...

F.F. of Kentucky is nothing more than a bunch of queers in denial why else would they be so afraid of a group of people?

Anonymous said...

We have a healthcare crisis in the most powerful nation in the world, and here is an oppurtunity for some folks to get health coverage....why stop it?

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